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When I started with family research in the early 80's my grandmother asked me to start looking for her aunt Alma who moved to America. Alma is still an unsolved mystery who has a page of her own on my homepage. When I searched for her, I learned that a cousin of hers was still alive. Her name was Hulda Anette Persson, and grandmother and I traveled to Ljungby hospital to see her.

Unfortunately the old lady was very senile, and she did not remember her cousin Alma. She did tell us something else though that made quite an impact on me. Her sister and a male cousin was on the Titanic. For someone who was born in the 1960's Titanic was ancient history, and to hear about local people who were on it was a big surprise.

I know now that her sister was Olga Lundin, and her cousin was Nils Johansson. I am related to them further back in my family tree, besides the connection to Alma, my unsolved mystery.

Olga and Nils belonged to a company of five from Hallaryd parish. The others were Pål Andreasson, Albert Augustsson and Carl Jonsson. My great-grandfather's brother was supposed to go with them but my g-g-grandparents said no, so he stayed. You will find all but Carl in my family tree. Olga and Carl were the only survivors.
   Source: Encyclopedia Titanic

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